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Oh Yes! We love Kimchi

Kimchi has played an important role in our PLANT POWER FOOD restaurant. We have used the benefits of Kimchi in our menu over the past years, and you might be wondering what exactly this is.

Kimchi is an Asian way of fermenting kale. You might know sauerkraut, which is the same method used but in kimchi, you add a paste of seasoning to the kale.

Kimchi is a probiotic lactic acid bacteria fermented vegetable food. The health benefits and quality of kimchi depend on its raw ingredients & its fermentation conditions.

It can be made in many different ways but will usually be made with Napa Cabbage as the main ingredient, and then other vegetables and seasonings can be added after taste. Kimchi is often eaten as a side dish to add some extra flavor & umami to the food. In some Asian cultures, they eat kimchi for every meal. It is known to be very nutritious for its healthy bacteria.

Studies show that kimchi has antioxidative and anti-aging, anti-mutagenic, anticancer, anti-obesity, and other health benefits. Vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables, and sub-ingredients of garlic, ginger, and red pepper powders, contain various nutraceuticals that have health benefits.

The flavor is sour, spicy, and strong. The sour flavor appears naturally because of the fermentation process which brings out the lactic acid bacteria. We really recommend for you start your own fermentation at home.

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