Neel and Casper own a little blue refurbished camper an hour’s drive west of Copenhagen. Around the camper is a garden of raised beds with an abundance of vegetables, herbs, and other greens. When the restaurant has its “off-days”, Sundays and Mondays, this retreat is where they spend their time.

Here, when the season allows it, they grow and harvest some of the elements that end up on the plates in the restaurant.

Being able to be in full contact with what grows at the moment, allows them to think and create dishes of seasonal ingredients.

Growing their own vegetables and other greens gives a more intimate and respectful relationship with the ingredients, which ultimately have a noticeable positive effect on the output from the kitchen to the table.

PLANT POWER FOOD truly believes the closer to the farm, the better the taste

PLANT POWER FOOD truly believes what is in season is what should be eaten

PLANT POWER FOOD truly believes in a more sustainable future.

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