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Get that Vegan Junk out of your Diet

Vegan food is not necessarily healthy. We have often blogged and written articles about animal products that promote lifestyle diseases in the population. But this blog post is also a call to those who substituted the meat vegan imitations when turning plant-based. They may be a notch healthier than animal products, but that does not necessarily make them 100% healthy.

What is wrong with vegan junk food?

I see a lot of positive things about eating vegan junk. It does not weigh near as much on the environment and it is extremely animal friendly, which are some very good reasons for eating those products. But when we need to help all the new vegans get started, it is important that they also understand the importance of eating a healthy plant-based diet. It is in this way that we keep people going on the plant-based (life) path.

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The vegan products are really good as a transitional phase to the plant-based diet, but there should be no more. You’re probably wondering why these products are so bad and what to eat then.

The reason you should stay away from vegan cheeses, sausages, and other meats is because of their insanely high-fat content. In addition, it is also a processed product, which during the process has come a long way from its natural state. The first real vegans I met actually looked really untidy and were fat. It was not something I wanted to be, and that did not speak to the cause of veganism for me.

Healthy Recommendations

You can be a vegan if you eat fake meat, chips and drink soda every day. For me, it is important that there is respect for me as a person and my vegan lifestyle. I get that respect even more if I physically appear healthy, strong, and healthy. In English, the healthy way of eating is called a “Whole Foods Plant-based Diet”. Translated into Danish, it corresponds to “A plant-based diet based on whole plants”.

I recommend that as a new vegan you start following this and keep your fat consumption down. To be completely honest, vegan meat substitutes do not taste as good as ‘the real deal´ I have not tasted very much fake meat that can be compared to real meat. This is often the case when imitating something, as it can be difficult to hit perfectly when using some completely different ingredients.

I first became 100% vegan when I found out how well whole food plant-based food tasted and what it did to my body. We need people to eat quality plant-based food. The new vegans must, just like me, fall in love with all the plant-based ingredients. They must fall in love with various fruits and vegetables and all their different tastes, colors, and options.

When you need to make a vegan burger, throw the fake meat far away and make a bean steak for the burgers. It is only when you value fruits and vegetables that the craving for meat and dairy disappears completely.

Should we then never eat the plant-based substitutes?

Having said all that, it should not be forbidden to eat a little vegan junk once in a while. But it does not have to be every day and it does not have to be the center of your diet at all. I recommend that you can do this for 2-3 meals a week, and the other days you should eat after a plant-based diet of real vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates.

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Written by Casper Bilton

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