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Looking for Tips to Replace Eggs?

You do not have to say goodbye to all recipes with eggs, just because you choose to go 100% plant-based. There are a lot of good replacements for eggs.

Flaxseed can be used as a binder for your dough or vegetable paste, and has a high content of healthy fats, and is also a good source of dietary fiber. The way it works is you take one spoon of flaxseeds and crush them, then you mix them with 3 spoons of water and let it soak for 5 minutes, this Is a replacement for one egg.

Potatoes are also a good substitute for eggs as a binder, and contain good vitamins and minerals, especially the amount of vitamin C, B6 and potassium. You can use all kinds of potatoes, here you must use 2 spoons of boiled and mashed potatoes as the binder for one egg. Eggs are also used to provide moisture so you get a spongy structure, but instead, use mashed bananas, they can do the same thing. Bananas are a wonderful fruit and naturally rich in pectin, which is a fiber that helps digestion.

Another food that can be used to give structure is tofu. Tofu contains a lot of protein and is rich in vitamin B, it gives a creamy structure and has a neutral taste. To use the tofu as a replacement for an egg, you must blend about 0,5 dl tofu, and then it’s ready to mix with other foods.

If you still have thoughts about where you get your proteins from? or what to eat on top of your bread in the morning? Then you need to know you can get proteins from so many other places. Proteins are the building blocks of the body, and even if you exclude meat from the diet, you can easily cover the body’s need for protein. You can get protein from tofu, you can use tofu to make scrambled tofu. Avocado is also a good replacement because avocado has the same creamy structure as the egg and a high content of dietary fiber which makes your body full and keeps your digestion going. If we take a closer look at the egg. Eggs contain a lot of cholesterol, which can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

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