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Looking for Tips to Replace Dairy?

When you choose to go the vegan way, you naturally also have to think in other directions in relation to dairy products. There’re a lot of foods based on plants to replace dairy products – and time has only led to a greater development of what is on the market. In addition, there are more and more recipes that can easily replace the familiar yogurt and cheese dish. You can find cheese based on coconut milk or use nut spreads or avocado on the bread. 

As a substitute for the cheesy flavor, you can use yeast flakes. These can contribute to the umami flavor, as well as can provide fullness. They can be used in, for example, cooked dishes. If you add cashew nuts, you get a cheese-like taste. Instead of yogurt, you can use soy yogurt, and otherwise you can make a smoothie and pour it over a bowl, topped with muesli.

Oatmeal is one thing that the average danish person generally eats the most for breakfast. Instead of cow’s milk, you can use plant milk, which is found in many different foods, and the taste varies just like the nutrient content. Rice, oat, soy, and almond drinks are the ones you typically find. Therefore, there’s a lot of opportunities to still be able to eat your breakfast, as you usually do – also with a vegan lifestyle.

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