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Looking for Tips to Replace Meat?

How is it possible to live without meat? This is a normal question that many omnivorous ask. People are afraid that they might miss the flavor or texture. For many people, it is hard to replace meat because it’s often the main item. You have to accept that when you eat vegan it’s more like that all the different food items are equal. People have an idea that in a meal there has to be an element which fills more than others – but it’s not necessary. Many vegans replace meat which often is the main item for omnivores with energy-rich carbs – for example, rice, pasta, or potatoes which gives a good & satisfying meal.

If you like the idea of a main item like “meat” there is a lot of other substitutes, for example, Seitan which is made of wheat gluten, tempeh which reminds a little bit of tofu, mushrooms, lentils, and eggplant.  

Tofu is one of the most known substitutes for meat. It is made of soybeans which are pressed and then added for example, an enzyme, an acid or a salt which causes the mass to come from liquid to a solid mass. Tofu is rich in protein and there is 7,8g/ 100g and has a high content of iron and calcium.  It is recommended to marinate the tofu before using it. It can be done with for example soy sauce, chili or garlic. Another substitute for meat can be falafel. Falafel is kind of a meatball, which is made of chickpeas and mixed together with parsley, cilantro and garlic. You can use falafel in pita bread or wraps. You can find it in almost all supermarkets so it’s very easy to get. Falafels of chickpeas are rich in protein and dietary fiber, so they saturate well. You can also make falafel of other legumes, for example horse beans or edamame beans. 

Celina, Rose & Kamilla
Københavns Professionshøjskole

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