formal vegan dining

Honoured to Deliver Food to a L’Oreal Event

In January 2020 we had an exciting event to deliver our powerful plant-based food. The event was a L’Oreal Kerastase presentation with the launch of a new product & important guests from magazines & social media influencers.

The catering menu we cooked for them was a Paté Open Sandwich, Power Bowl, Dehydrated Snacks, Golden Truffles & Fresh Beet Raspberry Juice. 

Also, at the event, we were asked to give a small presentation of our food, company & about the health aspects in eating plant-based/vegan food in a healthy way. 

Thanks to L´Oreal, Kerastase & Blank Venue for the opportunity – and a big high fives to the chefs behind the food. 

Written by Casper, 2020

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