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10 Tips To Go Plant-based

THE ROAD TO PLANT POWER! In this article, we have tried to give you our best tips to achieve a new heart-healthy lifestyle. These 10 tips to go plant-based til show you the way for sure.

1. Start simple
Make gradual shifts (like eliminating meat one day a week or making every breakfast plant based) and enjoy the process. Cut down on the things that are easier for you too. It IS going to take some work, but it’s worth it. We promise.

2. Make Plant-based Versions of Your Favourites
Anything omnivores eat, plant-based eaters can eat, too, with some simple substitutions. is lasagna your favorite? Swap lentils, veggie crumbles, seasoned tofu, or beans for the usual meat and top with cashew sour cream or guacamole.  Think about your current favorite meals and how you can make satisfying meat- and dairy-free versions.

3. Figure Out Your Primary Protein Sources
… as well as other macro- & micronutrients essential to you. Which foods will help you get your needs met? There are many terrific sources of plant-based protein, including legumes, nuts, beans and seeds to name a few! 

4. Stock Up on Healthy Foods
“There are so many incredible products on the market today, that it’s easier than it ever was to incorporate plant-based foods into your diet.”

5. Find Delicious Recipes
Seek out some delicious recipes. Make cooking fun, challenge your kitchen skills with this new approach to food. 

6. Consider Good Reasons WHY It’s Good to go More Plant-based
For your own health, the environmental impact of meat and dairy causes and reducing the suffering of animals 

7. Help World Hunger
Food crops that are grown for cattle are more profitable than growing food for humans, which helps contribute to global hunger. By converting those crops back to human food we can all help end hunger.

8. Increased Energy
Ditching meat means finding replacements that offer more nutrients. Focusing on getting your calories from good carbs may give you more energy throughout the day.

9. Welcome Change
Do you eat the same things all too often? Does it ever get boring? It can be challenging but also fun to try out a new approach to your culinary skills. 

10. It’s Delicious!
Gone are the days of mushy tofu and boring beans – there is a stunning variety of plant-based recipes and sauces to cook up to MAKE YOUR TASTEBUDS HAPPY! 

.. AN EXTRA ONE. Seek sufficient variety!
To keep it interesting and to ensure you are fulfilling all your dietary requirements. The more variety – assuming healthy food choices – the better.

Written by Glenn, 2019

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