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New Drink Menu, January 2020

AMAZING! In January 2020 we launched a new drink menu. While making this menu we have been focusing on homemade drinks which goes well with our plant-based food menu.

It was important for us to deliver a menu with a focus on health and freshness. We would love for you guys to pop by and try a couple and let us know what you think!

Here is all the new drink items for January 2020:
2 Homemade Ice Tea
(Green Matcha & Red Berry) 
2 Homemade Fresh Tea
(Ginger/Mint & Blueberry/Lime Leaf)
2 Homemade Infused Water
(Orange & Elderflower) 
3 New Homemade Lemonade
(Orange/Ginger, Black Currant, Pear)
Homemade Ginger Ale 
New Mocktail; Mojito Dream 

One of the highlights of this new drink menu is our new Mojito Dream. Mojito Dream is a non-alcoholic drink with fresh lime, fresh mint leaves, organic cane sugar, and non-alcoholic rum, from Rumish. We are pretty sure that this will be a guest favorite, and if that is true then we will add The Strawberry Mojito in the summer. 

We are also excited about our homemade Ice Tea. This is a really refreshing drink made with quality green tea and berry tea, depending on which kind you choose. This is not a drink you will be able to get at other places. 

On the hot side, we have made homemade fresh tea, only made with fresh ingredients – no tea bags. The Blueberry/Lime Leaf tea is going to surprise you, while the Ginger/Mint is awesome on those cold days where you need that extra kick. 

All our drinks are vegan & non-alcoholic – if you want to read more about our alcohol policy then check this blog post out; We Actually Only Serve Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Written by Casper, 2020

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