vegan food

A New Fine Dining Experience

Grow. Evolve. We are stepping out of our comfort zone. Because of the current situation, we are making some adjustments to the restaurant & the menu. We have taken this opportunity to follow a dream of ours. We want to provide a complete dinner experience in plant-based fine dining. Our dinners are from now on a multi-course meal that gives our guests a complete, well-designed, memorable evening.

Our goal is to elevate PLANT POWER FOOD to a fantastic fine dining experience. We want to showcase amazing, visually strong dishes that are made with healthy, seasonal ingredients that taste amazing and are good for you! 

We will have fewer tables, in the foreseeable future. We are only open in the evenings, from 17-22:30. We schedule our food prep & groceries on reservations. We want to give an even better service & therefore would we be very happy if guests would reserve a table when wishing to dine at PLANT POWER FOOD. This would give us the ability to properly prep & prepare for the evening. Walk-ins will be welcome if we can accommodate them. The prices will correspond with the number of courses. Guests will take into consideration how many courses they want to enjoy & experience.

Don’t just be who you are and what you are.
Move, evolve, change, grow and become better each day.


For those who still have the desire for a la carte menu, then we can offer our dishes as take-away. We have a specific takeaway menu with our all-time favorite dishes – our course menus can also be made as take-away. That means that you can throughout the summer pick up some of our delicious food & enjoy it at the park or by the lakes.


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