gloved hands plating vegan food


PLANT POWER FOOD opened because of passion to a plant-based & vegan lifestyle. The restaurant is owned by Chef Neel Engholm & athlete Casper Bilton, with a big support from their family. The restaurant is created with a vision to change the mindset of healthy plant based food.

The main thing that PLANT POWER FOOD attempt is to achieve powerful and healthy vegan dishes with a visual fantastic look. The staff behind the restaurant love seeing regular customers, and new faces alike, and making the experience a friendly and homey one.

PLANT POWER FOOD works hard on developing chefs with passion for plant-based food and high quality meals. The chefs at the restaurant are learned new food techniques which is not learned at chefs school. Creating powerful plant-based meals with focus on taste and visual needs a different approach. It’s the restaurants vision and belief we can develop amazing plant-based chefs.

Owner & chef Neel Engholm has previously worked as head chef and menu developer in numerous vegan venues in Copenhagen and Barcelona, also she has worked for the famous vegan chef Matthew Kenney, USA. Her many years in the business give her much experience to draw on, to make PLANT POWER FOOD a truly unique place in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Owner Casper Bilton has played many years of professional handball, also works as a personal trainer and dietician for other plant-based athletes. In 2016 and 2017 Casper was nominated for Vegan athlete of the year. He has also worked with leadership, production & marketing.

Written by Casper, 2019

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