vegan alcohol free cocktails

We Actually Only Serve Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Non-drinkers are happier, healthier and wealthier! There is a new trend i town – and it goes hand in hand with the plant-based health values. Therefore we have replaced your favourite alcoholic drinks with Mocktails & Non-alcoholic wine & beer.

When we opened PLANT POWER FOOD we did it with a vision to show what plants can do on a plate. We did it because plant-based food should be a really healthy way to eat vegan. Even some doctors & scientists around the world claim that a whole food plant-based diet actually could be the healthiest diet in the world. If you want a healthy lifestyle these same studies show that limiting alcohol is necessary for optimal health.

“Of course we were a bit nervous at first when we decided to open a restaurant with no alcohol, because many restaurants earn a lot of money on alcohol. We made this concept based on healthy values – and we are proud to give people a totally different dining experience” – Casper Bilton, co-owner, PLANT POWER FOOD.

Therefore there was no question, of course we will be a non-alcoholic restaurant. To be honest, drinking won’t work on your problems. Most of us drink to relax or socialise, or both. We drink to feel better, but alcohol is a depressant so it can’t relax you or make you feel any better. It will briefly slow down your thinking but not truly relax you. Once the alcohol wears off the stress returns, often stronger than before. Relying on alcohol to relax can create a dependency. There are many other ways to relax and unwind without any downsides. Find what works better for you and go do that.

We don’t need to drink to have fun. Children don’t drink alcohol so why should we. None of us were born with an alcohol deficiency. It is a dysfunctional learned habit.

Written by Casper, 2019

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