Creaminess in a plant-based diet

Creaminess in a plant based diet

What comes to mind when thinking about transitioning to a plant-based diet? You might worry about if you are able to obtain the delicious creaminess you have come accustomed to and can’t imagine your diet without. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to implement creaminess and satisfy your cravings in a plant-based diet.

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When shifting over to a plant-based diet, some people might be afraid of not getting enough protein. Don’t worry because it’s easier than you think. Here you will be able to read a bit about what proteins are, what proteins PLANT POWER FOOD’s current menu contains, and what foods you can include in your diet to make it more well-rounded.

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The Talk of Standing Out From the Crowd

The Talk of Standing out From the Crowd

Why isn’t it more accepted in society to live differently than the majority?
Many people find that they’re looked down upon by the transition to the vegan lifestyle as soon as they say it in a social context. These people who don’t quite accept anything different than what they’re used to, have a preconception of the vegan. In addition, one can talk about what kind of understanding they have for what “real food” means. Many people often associate it with a good steak – at least a meal where the “main ingredient” consists of meat to a greater or lesser degree. 

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Could we Educate Children about their Food Choices?

Could we Educate Children about their Food Choices?

We are born into a family where they have their own values of what real food is. We generally eat what we get served at home when we are children, which affects our food choices in the future. Therefore, it is important to educate people so that they can create their own opinions and understandings in relation to food. We must go in and break the picture of strangers’ diets and thus teach society about the different foods, as well as how to prepare them in the best possible way.

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