• Our Fermented Garlic Guide
    Our Fermented Garlic Guide What is this weird black looking thing? It’s fermented garlic – also called Black Garlic! It is made from fresh garlic that has been fermented for
  • Why is some Fat Bad for You?
    Why is some Fat Bad for You? In this article we will only get into the bad fats and why it’s bad for you. The reasons in this article is
  • Dehydration of Food is Unique
    Dehydration of Food is Unique Give us a couple of minutes to tell you why this food concept is unique. At our restaurant we have used this teknik of pulling

From our never-ending thirst for healthy & beautiful food to the questions on how to prepare deliciously simple & healthy plant-based meals. Diving down into our informative website together with other books & websites which outlines the research of plant-based diet & lifestyle you should be able to tranforme yourself into a plant-based wonder human.


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In the Culinary section you can read about everything related to the practice of cookery or the activity of cooking. You will have the chance to learn about contemporary and classic culinary techniques and cooking methods.
The blogs & media in the Food Section are about food items which is important in the plant-based kitchen. The focus will be mostly on whole food ingredients.
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At the Health Section you can dive down into our blogs about Plant-based health. This will mostly be about why you should eat more plants and why you should have a more green lifestyle. By eating a healthy diet of plant-based foods, you can provide your body with all the nutrients it needs.
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If you wan’t to know how you can eat more plants and get tips on how to implement this in your life – then these articles in the Lifestyle Section perfect for you.
Have a look through our free online recipes from our restaurant. All recipes have a focus being suitable for a whole foods plant-based lifestyle. No Oil and with minimum refined ingredients.