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Have A Strong Immune System

What the immune system does is keeping a record of every microbe it has ever fought. This means that the next time this microbe appears in the body the memory cells will quickly fight it before it evolves and makes you feel sick.

So, what can we do to make our immune system strong, and get less sick? A study was made among elderly people. One group ate 2 portions of fruit and vegetables and the other group ate 5 portions. This study as expected showed that an increased amount of fruits and vegetables would significantly increase in nutrients critical to the immune system, like vitamin C, lycopene zeaxanthin.

Another recent study showed that essential fatty acids elevate the immune system. Essential fatty acids being omega-3 and omega-6. The study showed that omega-3 regulated both the immune and metabolic system and the control of the inflammatory response.

It’s clear that what we eat does matter but besides increasing the intake of fruit and vegetables and omega-3, there are a few specific foods that help you boost your immune system. Garlic, green tea, kiwi-fruit, and mushrooms should improve your immune response. Though it’s important to mention that these foods are not extraordinary isolated and therefore you should not only eat these individual foods but mix them with a balanced whole foods diet. Keep away from too many refined foods and increase the number of fruits and vegetables will boost your immune system.

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