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A Dose of Healthy Sunshine, Please!

Do you remember to get outside and get a dose of healthy sunshine? When it comes to health, there are actually some very simple routines that are important to keep in mind. It is very important to eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates for optimal health. But what is also important is to go outside and feel the sun.

It can be a bit difficult in the winter due to the cold and the fact that the sun is not up for long, but one will have to find time to go for a walk in the fresh air when the sun is up. Vitamin D is important and there is no better way to get it than by feeling the sun’s rays on your skin. This is how we absorb vitamin D best, as this vitamin is formed on the surface of the skin. There are many reasons why we would like vitamin D from the sun’s rays.

Vitamin D is free!

The first and perhaps a little humorous reason is that it is completely free, whereas pills and supplements cost money. You should never be nervous about getting too much vitamin D from sunlight as it is something that the body regulates itself. If you get too much, you produce less vitamin D on the skin, and if you lack it, you just produce more. This means that we do not have to rely on supplement companies and whether they put the right dose in their products.

It makes your eaten vegetables healthier

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In addition to vitamin D, sunlight also has other properties that are far better. In fact, sunlight enhances the effects of the vegetables that you eat. The more sunlight, the healthier your vegetables are when you eat them.

Various studies have been done which show that the influence of vegetables on lifestyle diseases is enhanced if the person has been outside getting sunlight.

This may well be the explanation for why many plant-based individuals have few sick days during the year and have an immune system that works even better.

Sunlight and skin cancer

But wait a minute… too much sunlight does not cause skin cancer? There must be a reason why you should apply sunscreen in the summer?

Sunlight has been linked to skin aging and cancer. But as we talked about before, sunlight works incredibly well with a healthy diet from vegetables and other plants. Sunlight and a poor diet can quickly make you appear 11 years older, while sunlight and a healthy diet can make you look much younger.

The cancer risk actually belongs mostly to the over-consumption of solar centers. Very little sun from solariums can cause your skin to produce vitamin D, but if you overconsume the solariums several times a week with the goal of getting a nice tan, then it is very harmful. Therefore, regular tanning in solariums is not recommended, but a very small consumption of solariums in the winter is recommended to boost vitamin D production.

The conclusion is that a healthy diet and lots of walks out in the sun benefit our health. Sunlight puts you in a better mood and can often help with depression. That is why it is very important that you eat your vegetables and get some real sunlight.