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Dehydration of Food is Unique

Give us a couple of minutes to tell you why this food concept is unique. At our restaurant, we have used this technique of pulling water out of food since we started. There are so many culinary benefits for us to work with dehydration. Visual benefits – but also health benefits.

First of all, it is a fact that, for mold and bacteria to grow, water is needed. So, if water is removed from the food it will last longer. This is the method behind dehydration. It is an old way of preserving food items. This method can both be used to preserve food or simply to make crispy oil-free food items. The last mentioned is what we do here at Plant Power Food a lot.

Photo from Neel Engholm’s Cookbook

On our dishes, we use dehydrated items for toppings or as a healthy snack bowl side dish. Our concept is to serve healthy and non-fried food. Fried food can give a crunchy element to your dish – but it has extremely bad health disadvantages. When using dehydrated veggies you get a product for your dish that actually has health benefits.

To make dehydrated food you will need either a dehydrator, an oven, or a slow cooker. It’s very simple to dehydrate. The food item is simply placed in the chosen machine and set to a low temperature for a certain amount of time usually 12 hours, but It variates from food to food. The more water in a food item – the more hours it will take for heat to pull out the water. Foods that are excellent for dehydration are vegetables, fruit, grains, legumes, and herbs.

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