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Hard to go 100% Vegan? Here are 3 great ways to get started

It is a fact that more plants in the diet mean more health. The benefits of becoming 100% plant-based are many. Some of the benefits of changing your diet are that you will experience better recovery, more daily energy and many say that they have become stronger on a diet without animal proteins. It can be difficult from one day to the next to switch to a 100% plant-based diet, and some people need to take one step at a time and gradually exclude the various animal products. So here are 3 tips for those who want to work towards a more plant-based diet.

It can be a really good idea to start out by taking one step at a time. In that way, you can experience some of the improvements a plant-based diet can bring to your health and your daily performance, without going all-in. Whether you go 100% plant-based or e.g. 60% plant-based, to begin with, then it is a scientific fact that more vegetables and fruits in your diet will make you healthier and able to perform better.

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Health means a lot to whether you are physically well-functioning in your daily life or not. Every time you ingest something unhealthy, your body needs to expend energy on eradicating it from your body. It is energy that your body could have used for something else, such as being fresh in the head so that you feel like exercising.

When you eat a diet that is full of a lot of fat, oil, and animal products, it takes the body about 6 hours to get it out of the system. Within 6 hours, most people have eaten even more of that kind of food, and that means it becomes a vicious spiral, where the body constantly spends its energy on something other than what you really want it to spend its energy on.

Here are 3 great ways to start a plant-based lifestyle

1. Exclude Dairy Products

The body needs a lot of energy to break it down dairy. Dairy products contain a lot of fat and hormones that the body does not know what to use for. Milk is linked to many different diseases, and if you have a sick body, then you can wave goodbye to good results. Diseases that dairy products have been linked to are e.g. acne, obesity, and various cancers. Dairy products contain opiates (a type of drug) and it makes your body feel drowsy. The dangerous thing about opiates is that they are also addictive.

Instead of dairy products, you can consume smoothies and plant milk. The calcium you can get from spinach, kale, nuts, seeds, and many other plant-based ingredients. By excluding all dairy products you will feel a greater difference than by excluding only meat.

2. Eat Plant-Based Until Dinner

Another way to start is to eat a plant-based diet until you need to eat dinner. Make sure all your snacks, as well as breakfast and lunch, are 100% plant-based. This will mean that you eat approximately 70% plant-based, and because you start your day off with good carbohydrates and proteins from plants, you will experience a really good start to the day.

For breakfast, you can eat oatmeal, oatmeal/muesli with plant milk, bread with avocado or hummus, or a smoothie. It is a good idea to always include fruits, and green vegetables in your breakfast as this provides a fresh kind of energy.

For lunch, you can make different salads with delicious carbohydrates such as. coarse pasta, quinoa, chickpeas, beans, or rice.

When you get to dinner, you can eat what you usually do, that way it will not feel like a cold turkey, and you can have your animal “cravings” asked, even if the urge for them will decrease, as you experience, how much better you get it by eating plant-based.

3. Start At Home And Wait With The Outside World

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Start by eating plant-based when you are at home and when you are at a friend’s place then eat what they serve. The best thing you can do for yourself is by starting with throwing out all animal products from your home. This way you will avoid temptations. Your home is your safe zone, and what you have at home makes up the majority of your daily food intake. When you have a healthy home, you also have a healthy body.

This solves the social problem many people fear if you have to say no to other people’s food. At home, focus on eating lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and most importantly a lot of coarse carbohydrates in the form of rice, pasta, quinoa, beans, potatoes, oats, and much more. You decide for yourself when you are ready to “jump out” as plant-based and say no to your grandmother’s buns in curry.

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